Improving quality of life for specialist doctors

Our Story

Our Co-Founders, Erick & Jo, are a husband & wife team. Erick is a Breast Oncoplastic & General Surgeon, Jo has 20 years corporate experience.

When they met, they were both working long hours and studying, in their separate fields. A few years later, their gorgeous boy/girl twins were born. The lifestyle they were leading prior to kids was no longer sustainable.  Erick had just started establishing his private practice and was spending so much time doing business related tasks which he was not taught how to do. Jo was back at work, but with two kids in childcare full time, they were feeling the financial pressures.

They knew there had to be a better way for doctors and their families. So, with Erick’s experience in setting up a private practice and Jo’s business skills and knowledge, they founded Specialist Hub. A business which supports doctors at various stages of their private practice. They aim to alleviate some of the stresses and financial pressures for doctors and their families.


Our Purpose


To improve quality of life for:
  • DOCTORS by helping them achieve commercial success with a work-life balance
  • OUR TEAM by providing a flexible and rewarding work environment
  • COMMUNITY by allowing for focused and supported patient care

We are invested in helping doctors better service their patients, achieve profitability and satisfaction in their practice.

To learn more about the team who would support you in your practice, please click on the individual photos below.

Dr Erick Fuentes

Dr Erick Fuentes

Jovana Kuljaca

Jovana Kuljaca

Pamela Carruthers

Pamela Carruthers

To meet the team or find out more about how we can help you, please contact us on 02 8986 4574 or email

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