Dr Erick Fuentes

Dr Erick Fuentes

Dr Erick Fuentes


Erick is the Staff Specialist/Consultant Breast and Endocrine Surgeon at Concord Repatriation and General Hospital and VMO at Strathfield Private Hospital and Chris O’Brien Lifehouse.

He completed his FRACS in 2011, Breast Oncologic Surgery Fellow Training at Westmead Breast Cancer Institute in 2012 and Acute General and Trauma Surgery Fellow Training at Liverpool Hospital in 2013.

He started establishing his practice in 2014, but was naïve about just how much time the business side of the private practice was going to take away from the medical side. He didn’t realise how hard and how long it would take to become profitable and how little he knew about business.

The main challenge he faced professionally was getting enough referrals to his private practice in the first couple of years. He spent time dropping of business cards to GPs and waiting for patients. Like many other doctors, he was not trained or taught how to effectively grow his practice.

The main challenge he faced from the business perspective was not knowing the importance of having a business plan before starting: doing the research, setting cost and income budgets, developing a plan and strategy to achieve those budgets and knowing where to look for start-up capital.

All the challenges he overcame were the basis behind the idea of the Specialist Hub, which was established to support doctors in setting up and managing their private practice.

Apart from working at Concord Hospital, running a thriving practice and co-founding the Specialist Hub, he also dedicates his time, whenever possible, to DAISI (Doctors Assisting In South Pacific Islands) Foundation, providing surgical and medical assistance in remote areas of Solomon Islands.

To organise a time to meet or speak to Erick, please email: info@specialisthub.co