Jovana Kuljaca

jovana Kujaca

Jovana Kuljaca

MSc, BSc

Being married to Erick, a surgeon, Jo was shocked to see that after 15 years of rigorous training and honing his expertise, he needed to start from scratch and spend so much of his time and effort building a private practice.

For Jo, it made no sense that a highly skilled medical professional spent so much of his time:

  1. Writing HR policies and practice manuals
  2. Sourcing and installing software, telecom equipment and rental contracts
  3. Recruiting, managing and training reliable staff
  4. Doing bookkeeping and invoices.

With the wisdom acquired through her husband’s experience, Jo would like things to be different for other doctors and their families.

Jo’s background in the airline industry has some valuable lessons for doctors, which she takes across to the Specialist Hub:

  1. Pilots do not spend their time trying to run an airline. They fly planes and let other people take care of the rest. Doctors need to do the same.
  2. Consistently exceptional customer service attracts customers and keeps their loyalty.
  3. Tight cost management is critical to achieving financial success.

If you are facing similar challenges in setting up or managing your private practice, please contact Jo for an initial consultation.

To organise a time to meet or speak to Jo, please call her on 0403082772 or email: