Virtual Private Practice Support

pamela carruthers

Pamela Carruthers

BA (Communication)

Pam has over 21 years of medical administration experience in the private sector.

She is as dedicated to patient care as the doctors are, calling to check on their progress post-surgery, assisting with booking their scans, tests and follow up appointments.

Her energy and enthusiasm levels are only surpassed by her professional and warm customer service, which manages to put a smile on every patient she sees.

She is keen to further develop relationships with the GP community and offer any assistance required to our referrers.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Patient liaison
  • GP engagement and networking
  • Coordinating private operating lists
  • Billing
  • Reviewing processes to maximise efficiency

To organise a time to meet or speak to Pam, please call: 0289864574 or email: