Why are pilots smarter than doctors?

Why are pilots smarter than doctors?

Pilots make their money from flying planes

Pilots spend their time capitalising their expertise and experience gained through years of expensive training, by transporting people safely to their destinations.

Pilots do not spend their time trying to run an airline.  Pilots do not sell airfares.  Pilots don’t check-in passengers.  Nor do they send invoices or manage a team of support staff.

The airlines, like every business that needs to make money, know that the work of running the business is best achieved by people who have a different skill set than do pilots. They know that it would not be economical to pay pilots to do administrative tasks, or marketing, or invoicing.

What can doctors learn from pilots?

Doctors only make money from treating patients.  You do not make money from the business of running your practice, hiring and training team members.   So why do so many of you try and do both?

Running a practice can be hugely time consuming.  Time that would be better spent treating patients and generating income.  Every minute you spend on anything that isn’t patient related is an opportunity cost to your business.

Why do doctors ‘fly-blind’?

Most medics don’t have any experience in running a business, and yet they jump straight in to trying to do it themselves.  In pilot-speak they attempt to fly blind.  And that’s how mistakes get made.  Mistakes that can limit your commercial success for years.

How do I know?  Because my husband (a surgeon) made a number of ill-informed business decisions in the early years of establishing his private practice.  Mistakes that unnecessarily delayed the commercial success of his practice.  And so many of my husband’s colleagues are in the same boat.

Fast-track commercial success

The Specialist Hub was conceived to fast-track doctors to commercially successful private practice and help them avoid some of the bear-traps that so many have encountered.

Successful businesses outsource non-core activities and we invite you to do the same.  Your core activity is practicing medicine.  It would be a mistake to allow the activity of running your practice to distract you.

With no up-front costs and no lock-in contracts we take the work out of running your practice, and will support you to get the referrals that you need to be commercially successful. All you need to do is offer the outstanding patient care for which you have trained so hard.

Jovana Kuljaca
Specialist Hub

Married to a surgeon and having spent 20 years in the airline industry, JK knows a lot about pilots AND doctors.


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