Medical Practice Marketing

Rena Chatterjee


Rena Chatterjee

BSc (Hons) Management Science

Rena is one of Australia’s leading marketing strategists. She has delivered growth on brands as diverse as Coca-Cola, Ford, Mount Franklin Water and Moccona Coffee. Key to her success has been Rena’s investment in people. She has provided mentorship and coaching to her teams and nurtured talent to help people realise their career potential.

Today Rena combines her love of helping people grow with her marketing skills to help them achieve commercial success.

Medics in particular benefit from her approach and her help in building their personal brand for greater success in private practice. Years spend in training and completing Fellowships doesn’t necessarily prepare them for building a successful and profitable private practice. Rena’s coaching helps doctors to fulfil their commercial potential sooner.

If you would like to fast-track your private practice contact Rena via or on 0410102733